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We first set up our First Time Homebuyers program in 2010, and we have been successfully helping renters turn their monthly rent checks into mortgage payments ever since.

How easy is it? If you have a steady job, good credit, and a down payment of as little as 3%, you could save yourself money every month by paying a mortgage instead of rent! You actually could have even owned in the past, and still qualify for a First Time Homebuyers Loan!

If you are considering buying for the first time, please read on. Now is an especially good time for first time homebuyers. There are plenty of good properties available, and with interest rates staying low, your mortgage could actually be lower than a rent payment.

Please visit the above links for more details on our First Time Homebuyer Program. If any of your questions are not answered, please call John at Bowen Real Estate of Cape Cod 508-776-2246